Our passion is creating beautiful, tranquil, outdoor spaces that incorporate all that nature has to offer and maintaining it so you don’t have to. No matter how large or small the scope of the project, we offer a variety of commercial and residential landscaping services to fit every budget. Through our shared passion and vision, we’ll combine your ideas with our knowledgeable approach, resulting in a breathtakingly beautiful and unique landscape just for you.

Antonio’s Landscaping & Maintenance will help you achieve the garden of your dreams. Whether it’s an extraordinary rose garden to sustainable heirloom vegetables or culinary herbs to specialty fruit trees, we’ll help you utilize and maintain a beautiful environment for abundant flowers to fresh, organic produce. From simple, elegant gardens to future-forward gardens utilizing high-efficiency irrigation systems, we can meet your personalized horticultural needs.

With California suffering from multi-year, record-breaking drought and high temperatures, we highly recommend incorporating drought tolerant plants as well as California native plants, so you can feel good knowing the beauty of your yard is preserving natural resources. We understand the importance of a green, healthy lawn and flourishing plants Save water by watering efficiently, utilizing drip systems, automatic irrigation timers, and more. We can install a modern sprinkler system to precisely measure and dispense the ideal amount of water for your landscaping needs. There are many options available, let us help you find the one that works best! We also offer top-quality sprinkler repair, tune-ups, troubleshooting, and maintenance. We strictly use professional grade materials from brands like Rain Bird. If you’re experiencing water leaks, pressure issues, dry patches, water saturation, grading issues, drainage problems, or any other issue, give Antonio’s Landscaping & Maintenance a call for a free consultation and estimate.

When it comes to garden, lawn, and tree care, Antonio’s Landscaping & Maintenance is NOT your average “mow, blow, and go” company. A beautiful lawn or garden doesn’t happen overnight. It takes patience, time, care, and knowledge.

We offer lawn restoration and repair and more. We’ll also take care of the clean-up and hauling to a green waste approved facility. We are fully trained, licensed, and insured for residential and commercial work.

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